Fully Alive

January 23, 2017 | by

Most nights when I hit the hay I carve out a few minutes to look back on the day. To reflect. Not just on my schedule and how it unfolded, but my conversations, decisions, emotions, and more.

What was my “posture” today? I don’t mean physically. How did I face the day? What was my outlook on life, work, family, etc. today? Did I have a spirit of gratitude?

Did I see people and their needs as more important than my own? Did I move throughout my day as if everything good in my life is a gift, given to me.

Most of us long for something that feels just outside of our reach. We want purpose, meaning, significance. We want to feel fully alive. All of our senses clued into the richness that is living.

The privilege it is to breath clean air. We want to steward our gifts and resources. We want to create, to make things that contribute to something bigger than ourselves.
Longing only happens in the absence of that which is longed for. Sadly, for many, being fully alive feels distant, maybe even impossible.

Crowded City Life

We are bogged down by jobs we hate, friends we don’t trust, family that doesn’t know us, and a deep rooted fear that it’s a matter of time before we’re “found out”.

Before the world realizes that we’re one big joke. We live in fear of being known. We are afraid of the very thing we long for above all else. To be known, loved, and celebrated in our bare skin. Warts and all.

Like most this day and age we want the magic potion. The riveting book, movie, or moment that changes everything! We are looking for an experience that will finally set us free.

The truth is, like most good things, it’s a whole lot of work to live fully alive. It’s changing behaviors and habits. Creating a new rhythm that moves the needle one degree at a time.

Choosing to think differently about our circumstances. Paying attention to our posture.
Friend, whatever it is that is keeping you from filling your lungs with joy and freedom, I suggest that tomorrow you take one step towards living. We don’t get do overs here. This is your life, now live it.

Shake the bad habits, lay down the fears, and get busy living. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you to wake up and contribute. Get after it.

Fully Alive

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