December 2015

Guide for Expedition: Relationships, Play, Mountains

December 18, 2015

  We take people up into the beautiful Rocky Mountains week after week. We ask them questions about who they are and why they exist while pushing them outside of their comfort zones. The result: we watch as their lives completely change. If you’re passionate about investing in people, if you love playing in the […]

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The Key to Investing in the Next Generation

December 9, 2015

Ask any engaged parent or youth leader who actually cares about their kiddos futures. It’s difficult investing in young people. In fact, I don’t know if there is anything more emotionally draining on planet earth than investing in a young person. It’s incredibly difficult: hoping more for someone than they hope for themselves. But this […]

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Epic Music for Epic Places

December 3, 2015

Epic places demand epic music. Theres something special about driving through epic terrain blaring your radio at full blast to music that matches the mood. Here are some of our favorite tracks for your next adventure. Not seeing the embedded music players? Try refreshing your screen. Let’s start our musical adventure with Oceans by the […]

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December 1, 2015

You know who you are, and chances are you do not need a list on a blog to confirm what you already know. But just in case you are still in denial, here are three signs your soul needs to rest. Before we dive in let’s take a moment to define our terms. What does […]

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