Summer Packing List

Learn what to pack for your upcoming backpacking trip with Expedition. Our packing list is designed to meet the dynamic requirements of Colorado's backcountry. In the video below, our Director of Operations highlights the most important items in the list to help you prep for your adventure.


Summer Backpacking Packing List  




Summer Packing List


CLOTHING                              DESCRIPTION                                                   EXAMPLES
¨  Hiking Boots
Waterproof models will keep your feet happy in the rain!
Keen Targhee II Mid
¨  Lightweight camp shoes
For stream crossings and around camp. Sandals, running shoes, or Crocs work well. If you want to step into streams or lakes, you must have these.
¨  2-3 pair Wool Socks 
You’ll need a few pairs of socks so that you can always wear a dry pair. Mid weight options are usually best.
Browning Hosiere  
¨  Underwear
Synthetic or wool work best. 2 pair.
¨  Base Layer Bottom 
Wear under your pants when it gets cold. Some people bring thick leggings or fleece pants.
Patagonia Midweight
Rab Nucleus Fleece
Terramar Thermolator II  (Best Buy)
¨  Hiking pants
A pair of synthetic pants for hiking. When it gets windy and cold you’ll be glad you have these.
Prana Stretch Zion
OR Ferrosi
¨  Non-cotton T-shirt
While hiking, it can get really warm! Non-cotton options are best because they dry quickly.
Prana Terra SS
Champion Powertrain
¨  Fleece / base layer  
Synthetic or wool to trap heat next to your body & wick moisture away from your skin. We like wearing a light synthetic t-shirt under a warmer, lightweight grid fleece.
Patagonia Capilene 3 Crew
LLBean Polartec Power Dry Midlayer  
Terramar Ecolator CS Hoodie  (Best Buy)
¨  Insulating Layer
200+ fleece, 60+ g synthetic, or down
We like mid-weight down the best, but synthetic options are all the rage these days. A thick fleece from a thrift shop works too.
Patagonia Down Sweater
REI Down Hoodie
ZShow Down (Best Buy)
¨  Rain Jacket
A layer you can put on over your base or mid layer to block wind / precipitation. This layer should be relatively lightweight and MUST be totally waterproof
Patagonia Torrentshell
Marmot Precip 
Frogg Toggs  (Best Buy)
¨  Beanie 
A warm hat to keep your head warm! Tight knit wool works the best. If all your other layers have hoods you may not need a beanie.
Marmot Summit Hat
BD Ben Beanie 
¨  Hat with visor
A cap to help shield your eyes from the sun.
Patagonia LoPro Truckers



¨  glasses and contacts (bring extras if you have them)

¨  chapstick with SPF

¨  sunscreen (at least SPF 30)

¨  toothbrush / toothpaste

¨  any personal medications, in a Ziploc bag



¨  small notebook 

¨  pen or pencil

¨  sunglasses

¨  headlamp or flashlight

¨  water bottle (at least 2)


¨  bandana or buff

¨  fleece pants (camp wear)

¨  waterproof / breathable pants

¨  camera 

¨  your own backpack (50L-75L)

¨  your own sleeping bag (0-20 degree)

¨  your own climbing shoes

¨  swimsuit – depending on snow melt, there may be rivers and lakes to explore.





(in the backcountry) Phones, iPods or MP3 players and.


Please contact us if you have any questions