Most of our trips do happen in Colorado (it's the best!), but we run trips in AZ and CA.  We have plans to open offices in Northern California and North Carolina in the next few years.

are you a non-profit?

No.  We are an registered LLC in the state of Colorado.  While many in our industry (educational institutions, camps, and ministries) are non-profits, we have chosen to engage the marketplace with integrity and excellence.  

if you're not a non-profit, why do you have a board?

We believe decisions made in perpetual isolation can be dangerous for relationships and threaten success.  We have a board because we value learning from the experience and wisdom of others and we want to be held accountable to our core values and mission.

why can't i find any rates for corporate retreats?

Our corporate retreat rates fluctuate depending on season, size of the group, and package selection.  These are luxury trips and you may expect pricing to be consistent with the quality of the trip.

do you have scholarships or discounts?

No.  Usually discounts are used as a marketing tool to drive business.  We cap the number of trips we do each year to ensure the highest quality experience possible.  Our model is outcome dependent, not volume dependent.  

why give away 10%?

The needs of this world extend farther than the reach of this company.  The organizations we have partnered with are doing transformational work in places we have a heart for.  This is our way of thinking past our bottom line while still maintaining a profitable financial model.  At the end of the day, who is going to care how much money we've made?