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St. Anne's Episcopal School Aspen Academy Dadcraft

Bradley Consulting Group

Denver Discovery School

Outdoor Industry Association

Venture Expeditions


KLIFE Ministries

Redeember Church Lubbock

YoungLife San Antonio

Denver Seminary

Issachar Center for Urban Leadership


KIPP Tulsa College Preparatory

TNL Church


Apartment Life



Ministry Lab Network



New Denver Church



Cherry Hills Community Church
Platt Park Church


Urban Skye




Lamar County Young Life


Waterstone Community Church


Hays County Young Life


CARES by Apartment Life


Long Building Technologies


Pine Cove leadership Retreat


Bloom Church

YL Wichita Falls Texas Christian University Fellowship Dallas


Denver Community Church



Scofield Church


KLife Denver


Sacred Grace Valor Christian High School


Rarely do you meet someone who has the vision of knowing not only where they are going, but why it matters where they are going.  If you are desirous of becoming a leader who makes a more meaningful, more significant, more impactful difference in your world, engage with Expedition.

Brian Wagner: CPA Principal &
Success Strategist / Bradley
Consulting Group /
executive retreat

Expedition provides amazing access to the beauty of the wilderness with great gear, knowledgeable guides, and a foodie inspired menu to enjoy along the way. They mix in and encourage us to embrace the spiritual aspects of being in the backcountry.

Bradley Brescia:
San Francisco, CA /
Custom backpacking

This trip was an incredible, transformational, journey from beginning to end. EBA staff thought of every detail to make the trip a success; from meal planning, ability matching, with activities, to thought-provoking discussion. I would recommend this trip to any father of sons, no matter how great the relationship.

Scott Papay: Littleton, CO /
father-son adventure


EBA was far above and beyond an ordinary expedition. It was truly a physical, mental, and spiritual adventure. The guides were extremely attentive to each person's needs. We were pushed, but only to the level we needed to be. The views were extraordinary. I would highly recommend a trip with Expedition.

Michael DeCarlo: Tulsa, OK /
father-son adventure

We have utilized Expedition for over a year now.  I can say with confidence, they are one of the best in their field.  The staff operates with the highest degree of competence, professionalism, care, and organization.  I have worked with many guides, outfitters, and group coordinators over the years.  Much like produce in the super market, you have to be careful with your selection.  I recommend Expedition without the slightest hesitation and with absolute confidence.  You will be hard pressed to find a better provider in this field.

Robert Jones: Vice
President of Student Life &
Enrollment Services /
Denver Seminary / Custom trip