Renewal Awaits

Expedition is a family owned outdoor adventure company in Denver, Colorado. We craft identity shaping experiences through adventure based excursions. We design trips that mark the soul. In these wild places our clients get a glimpse of what is possible and create memories that last a lifetime. 


We operate with professionalism and high competency in every aspect of our company: trip planning and execution, risk management, customer relations, and staff development.



We care about our community and our clients: we value people over product, service over summits, and mission over mountains.


We are thinking and living intentionally as people who work towards the common good: stewarding the environment, striving for justice, and active in our community.

Desired Outcomes


Renewed Vision

Inspired with a sense of purpose for engaging in your job, school, or community.

Self Awareness

Increased awareness of who you are and why you exist.

Character & Leadership

Encouraged to operate with character and integrity as a servant leader in your sphere of influence.


We aim to create space in wild places for individuals, families, and organizations to learn from where they have been, wrestle with where they are, and dream about who they will become.


To inspire and empower our clients to step into the fullness of what they were created to be - through retreat, wilderness, and outdoor education experiences.



Renewal Awaits